Triune God

Second Semester
Mondays 10.50-12.25
Year 3

The course introduces the student to the understanding of the Most Holy Trinity in the Christian tradition, particularly as understood by Roman Catholics. Students will be able to (a) present a clear description of the Christian dogma of the Trinity, (b) demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the issues involved in exploring the nature of God in the Trinity and its historical development (c) show a detailed knowledge of current Catholic teaching on the Trinity and the connection between the dogma of the Trinity and the Church’s understanding of grace, Christology, Ecclesiology, the sacraments, and Christian living, (d) discuss similarities and differences in Christian approaches to the Trinity (Roman Catholic, Orthodox, various Protestant approaches, etc.).

Specific skills
Students will acquire the ability to (a) contribute in an intelligent and informed manner to discussion on the development of doctrine, (b) engage skillfully and fairly with contentious issues that may arise around the Trinity, (c) locate such debate within a broad historical context, (d) accept and present cogent arguments on the issues of the Trinity, (e) engage with broader questions surrounding the nature of the Trinity, (f) identify traditions of thought on the Trinity that are distinct from those of the Catholic tradition, and at the same time to be able to engage in constructive debate, (g) engage in further independent study.